Generic Retin-A cream used to treat wrinkles & acne

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You can buy Airol at low price in our online store. It is also known as Tretinoin, Retin-AAvitaRenova, etc. It’s active substance belongs to a group of retinoids (relative of vitamin A) and has wide range of effects. Among them:

  • Antitumor
  • Keratolytic
  • Antiseborrheic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cure for acne (whiteheads and blackheads)

Retin-A stimulates mitosis of epidermal cells, increases the number of glycosaminoglycans, elastic fibers in the papillary layer of the skin. It also induces the growth and differentiation of epithelial cells.

By increasing replacement of skin cells it unplugs the follicles and prevents the formation of new acne. Airol is also helpful in fighting wrinkles.

Side Effects of Tretionin

In a week those who use Airol may notice irritation and flaking of skin. This is quite normal and it happens due to increased replacement of skin cells. However, some people discontinue the usage of the drug thinking that Tretionin does not work. One should remember that it takes about 6-9 weeks for the drug to make noticeable effect, if you take it against acne.

If you buy Airol for wrinkles, then you should use it for at least 7 months. The best effect you can achieve while using it for a year.

Some helpful hints for Airol users

  • Apply Airol in a thin layer at night.
  • When you wake up wash your face with a scrub or use rough towel. It will reduce the amount of flakes.
  • Then, use a water-based moisturizing cream (this recommendation concerns men as well). This procedure will reduce the drying effect of the drug.
  • If you noticed flaking at daytime, just use a towel or use more moisturizing cream.
  • Choose moisturizing creams with sunscreen function. Otherwise, use sunscreen all the time you are in the sun.  Remember that Airol makes your skin more sensitive to sunburns.
  • If you use it for a first time, then apply Tretionin every other night or every 3rd night. In 2 weeks your skin will get accustomed to the drug and you can apply it more frequently.
  • In case of worsening of irritation / flaking, you can make a break for 2-3 day but don’t discontinue its usage. You can also consult your doctor.


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1 tubes Cream 0.05% – 30 grams, 2 tubes Cream 0.05% – 30 grams


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