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In order to avoid future increase of the price of Primobolan (due to trademark issues) Bayer&nbsp Turkey&nbsp (ex-Schering) has recentry changed&nbsp a name to Rimobolan. It`s 100% the same product

Primobolan is a common name of the drug called Methenolone Enanthate. This steroid is by its nature more anabolic than androgenic. Androgenic ratio is only 6% and anabolic ratio is 68%. Primobolan comes in oral and injectable forms, however, injectable is more effective because it is not being destroyed by liver..

Primobolan is an unique steroid, with the properties which do not have any other drug. Methenolone enanthate does not cause estrogen-related side effects, which is a significant advantage over other steroids. This means that acne, edema, and other negative effects will not be a problem. Thus, primobolan is a very attractive in comparison with other steroids, especially for those, who are prone to various estrogen-related side effects. Because of the low water retention, primobolan is often more effective than other drugs for quality mass building. It is not only effective, due to lower levels of water retention, but it is very useful because of its anabolic nature, which has a positive effect on the development of muscles.

The only problem which primobolan possesses is slow muscle growth and, therefore, the cycle should be more than 8 weeks, preferably 12 weeks. Because of the absence of edema, muscle growth, which will be noticeable when using primobolan, will actually increase the quality mass and not water retention in the body. When using primobolan, muscle build-up is better preserved, though not so rapidly increasing, as with other drugs. But make no mistake though primobolan does not have such side effects as other drugs &ndash Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is still necessary, use Nolvadex or Clomid.

PCT after primobolan:


Day 1-60mg

Days 2-122- 40mg

Days 12-21- 20mg


Clomid at 100mg/day and tamoxifen at 20mg/day for 21 days.

Methenolone enanthate normally does not affect potency, however, you may notice some decrease during cycle unless you combine it with testosterone. This usually occurs when engaging with heavy weights for long cycles of training. In case of problems with potency, if testosterone is not taken, you must use the appropriate drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis or Zydena. However, as it has been already mentioned, for most people who take anabolic steroids, loss of libido is not associated with primobolan.

Cycles and information on the usage

As stated above, primobolan is high quality steroid. Dosages below 400 mg / week is a waste of money because injectable primo contains enanthate. &ldquo The more is better&rdquo is not true for all steroids due to side effects, however, this is true for primobolan. The best dosage will be primo 400-800 mg/week in combination with testosterone. Primobolan provides two main effects in this case. First, this is enhanced muscle growth, therefore, 500mg primobolan/week in combo with test equals to the effect of 750 mg primo / week. Secondly, primobolan + diet+ hard training provides wonderful results and qualitative muscle growth.For those who want to use primo without testosterone it is necessary to use a minimum of 600-800 mg per week. If you will be able to afford 1000 mg per week, the reward will be enormous. Some people tend to use it with trenbolone and this is quite possible. But without testosterone, you may need to use sex-enchancing drugs for potency. The most efficient way of training &ndash is the one that includes primobolan, Testosterone and Trenbolone Acetat. Another recommended cycle is primobolan (600-1000mg per week) and Anavar (Oxandrolone) (60-80mg daily). Because of enanthate nature, the cycle should last at least 8 weeks but better do it 12 weeks or more. Furthermore, primobolan lifetime is 5-6 weeks, so the actual cycle length becomes even more. Primobolan does not cause loss of appetite. Unlike other drugs it can be used for up to 20 weeks.

Here are some cycles examples:

1) Primobolan cycles without testosterone

Primobolan 600-800 mg weeks 1-12 Anavar 60 mg, weeks 1-8

Primobolan 600-800 mg weeks 1-12 Trenbolone acetate 75 mg, weeks 1-6

Primobolan 800 mg weeks 1-12 Masteron 400-600 mg on the weeks 1-14

Primobolan 1000 mg per week up to 20 weeks (rather expensive)

2) Primobolan cycles with testosterone

Primobolan 600 mg weeks 1-12 Testosterone 500 mg weeks 1-12

Primobolan 600 mg weeks 1-12, 100 mg of testosterone weeks 1-14 Trenbolone acetate 300-400 mg weeks 1-10 (excellent cycle for advanced users)

There are many other cycles as well, treat these ones above only as an example. In general, the quantity of Primobolan you use depends on the other substances you can afford.

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1 Amp 1ml (100mg/ml) Total 100mg, 30 Amps 1ml (100mg/ml) Total 3000mg, 50 Amps 1ml (100mg/ml) Total 5000mg



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